Haute Watch: Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon

Patek Philippe, the last independent Genevan watch manufacturer, recently had one of its most famous watches, the Sky Moon Tourbillon, auctioned off for $1.2 million, breaking the record for the highest amount any watch has ever gone for at auction in this economy.

The exotic and beautiful timepiece typically sells for more than $1 million and features relief engraved sides of the watch that display stylized Patek Philippe Calatrava Crosses. The watch also has two beautifully crafted faces, making it one of a very few double sided watches that successfully pulls off the look.

The timepiece is available in gold (reference 5002P) or platinum (reference 5002J) and the case is 42.8 mm wide with the main side of the watch displaying the time, perpetual calendar with retrograde date, and moon phase. On the other face, a beautiful deep blue and gold colored face, there is the sidereal time, normal time, sky chart, and phase and orbit of the moon. The movements of this incredible timepiece consist of 686 parts, some of which are microscopically small.

Patek Philippe is an independent family owned company, allowing for total creative freedom in regards to design, production and assembly of what many agree to be the finest watches in the world. Adding to its exclusive reputation, Patek Philippe is the only manufacture that crafts all of its mechanical movements according to the strict specifications of the Geneva Seal.

Via: A Blog to Read, Patek Philippe