Bulgari Announces Residential Project in Bali

Bulgari is poised to do something that no other luxury goods group has yet attempted, let alone accomplished. The exquisite brand has just announced its plans to begin a Bulgari residential project located amongst the supreme landscape of Bali, Indonesia.

Bulgari currently owns a city hotel property in Milan, Italy and a resort property in Bali, however, this step to construct their first branded residential villas is something no one saw coming, and Bulgari is soaking up the attention and expectations with a confident stride forward.

The real challenge for Bulgari may be translating their unequivocal brand value from their luxury goods steeped in established history over to equally profitable and exclusive real estate. Despite this, Bulgari’s latest project in beautiful Bali includes five single family villas with starting prices said to be set in the $6 million range. All of the villas have been designed by Antonio Citterio & Partners and are scheduled to be built directly adjacent to the already extremely luxurious Bulgari Bali Resort with magnificent views of the Indian Ocean.

With the rest of the luxury industry waiting and watching in shimmering anticipation, Bulgari has noted that the inspiration for these residential villas came from the supreme lavishness of their very own presidential penthouse property of the Bulgari Bali Resort.

The project is said to be operating under license from Bulgari S.p.a, along with the group’s Indonesian partners who are in charge of executing and managing the project on site. Only time will tell whether Bulgari is able to transcend their reputation for supremely high-quality luxury products into real estate, although seeing their precision and ability to uphold their esteemed reputation, most odds are on them accomplishing whatever it is they set their luxuriant minds to.

Via: Luxury Insider