Tag Heuer’s Monaco V4 Watch

Avant-garde Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer has done it again. By exceeding many people’s expectations with their new Monaco V4 concept watch, the brand continues to maintain their reputation in luxury watch making. As part of a limited edition that incorporates just 150 watches, the Monaco V4 is as beautiful and sophisticated to look at as it is ingenious and advanced in its mechanical design.

Made from 170 grams of platinum adding a modern styling to any wrist, the Monaco V4 is not just another accessory; the inner workings of the timepiece are truly something to admire. The watch movement uses a series of transmission belts that, due to their miniscule size, are reinforced with a thin steel wire for strength. For automatic movement, the Monaco V4 uses liner weights that move up and down to power the movement. The watch’s power is stored in four barrels (hence V4) that are located at the rear of the watch. In order to minimize friction between gears and palettes, Tag Heuer has integrated mini ball bearings, instead of the more commonly used synthetic rubies.

The Monaco V4’s functions include the time and a power reserve indicator. Except for the first piece that is being auctioned off for charity, this unique watch can be yours for $80,000.

Via: Luxist