Designing With Soul

Her name is associated with some of the most defining structures that illuminate the skyline of Florida’s most magical city, including Miami’s famed Freedom Tower, The Jade Residences at Brickell Bay, and South Pointe Towers. The Cuban-born artist and creative designer, Tessi Garcia, draws inspiration from her rich, multicultural background. A childhood spent in both Cuba and America armed her with an acute eye for design and an innate ability to project her clients’ inner soul onto the physical spaces of each design plan. Having worked with some of the most prominent names in international development, including The Related Group, Skyline, and Swire Properties, Garcia remains one of the premier designers in the U.S., the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe.

Garcia made a mark on the city of Miami in 1988 with the commission for the multimillion-dollar design project at South Pointe Towers, located in the trendy South of Fifth district in South Beach. But it was not just her visions of warm, luxe interiors that earned her recognition and industry accolades. She was also one of the original innovators of the “Light Up Miami” project where she introduced a custom-designed light sculpture for the top of the building, creating a “lighthouse” for the southernmost tip of Miami Beach. Through this installation, Garcia became a revered industry trendsetter, leading a design movement that now defines the Miami skyline with dramatic exterior illumination as part of the city’s distinguishing architecture. The Illuminating Engineer Society awarded Garcia’s firm for its lighting work on this project, as well as on The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce building.

She earned more national attention in 1989 when she was chosen to restore the historic Freedom Tower, located downtown on Biscayne Boulevard, to its former elegance. Originally the home of the long-defunct Miami News, the distinctive baroque-style building was inspired by the Giralda bell tower in Seville, Spain. Decades later, the Freedom Tower served as the reception center for Cuban refugees in the 1960s and became a subtropical version of Ellis Island, representing freedom to nearly 500,000 refugees. Garcia’s renovation work on this project earned her a “National Historic Preservation” award.

Tessi Garcia’s impressive trajectory of award-winning commercial and residential projects also includes The Jade Residences at Brickell Bay, an extremely unique building meriting an equally impressive entranceway. Wanting to bring the magic of the building alive, she created an “unexpected” entryway lobby that leaves guests awe-inspired.

Her passion for such jaw-dropping designs was born at an early age. She was fortunate to draw strength from her parents’ inspiration and determination, and she learned never to be afraid of taking risks and fulfilling her dreams. While a traditionalist at heart, her creations have predominantly been manifested with a unique “state-of-the-art” appeal. A passion for contemporary, functional design with a touch of fantasy drives her imagination, without compromising the warmth of the interiors she creates. Her innate ability to maintain privatized confidentiality throughout the project phase and beyond has enabled her firm to garner a roster of clients that includes prestigious artists and athletes, and her work continues to be enriched despite a redefined economy. She not only takes care of her clients in terms of design, when she signs onto a project she commits to making it a success in the public arena through her marketing skills. Her dedication to the City of Miami and her influence throughout multiple industries earned her a spot on our Haute 100 list of the top power players of Miami.

In an era that demands tangible results, Garcia’s passion translates into a mission of service for quality of life enhancement. Her designs create both serene and passionate non-conforming spaces that breathe love and communication to the soul.

Tessi Garcia Interior Design
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