The Best of Design: Kat Burki


 This organically grew into a business venture that debuted in September 2008 as Kat Burki Home, a highly regarded and elegant home collection.

She began her formal education by pursuing visual arts and painting before a detour to law school where she earned a double major in business and law. Following her schoolings, she found herself completing a few design projects for friends and relatives, and she realized that was where her passion lay. After a brief stint of soul searching, Burki decided to pursue that passion and made the commitment to interior design.

She began her business in Southport, Connecticut, in 2002 and quickly gained an extensive following. Her keen eye for chic furniture pieces mixed with her unwavering ability to fuse all aspects of a room proved to be a successful combination. Burki’s extraordinary gift to inspire and excite her audience resulted in a reputation that has attracted government dignitaries and officials, fashion moguls, business magnates, and an affluent array of citizens residing on the “Gold Coast” of the East Coast, in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Burki’s design projects have since graced the pages of many interior design magazines and books, and her work has been described as clean, graceful, and full of beauty. She has an intuitive ability to recognize the best and to quickly see through what is not.

Her stellar reputation as an impeccable designer grew as more substantial projects emerged. Clients recongized her as an artist with an uncanny ability to combine classical elegance with genuine warmth and comfort, and trusted her suggestions wholeheartedly. Yet during many design processes, she found herself constantly challenged by a lack of readily available furniture pieces to complete the desired looks. Luckily, her business education quickly combined with her inherent creativity, and she took matters into her own hands and began creating her own pieces.  She organized a team of talented artisans who truly understood her style to produce the designs. This organically grew into a business venture that debuted in September 2008 as Kat Burki Home, a highly regarded and elegant home collection.

As a brand devoted to eternal grace and original style, Kat Burki Home is a lifestyle line that combines all avenues of luxury into a definitive collection. The look of the brand is timeless, classic, and stylish, and it resonates with its customers. The brand also thrives on customization, providing the customer the opportunity to upholster any of the 29 furniture choices with more than 200 fabric options, making possibilities endless and each customer’s combination unique. The line has since garnered a following of national consumers, including New York socialites and Hollywood elite.

Kat Burki Studio
35 Old Post Road
Southport, CT 06890