Haute Spirits: Orzel Vodka, V. Georgio Vodka, Courvoisier, Azul Spirits & Wine

Orzel Vodka


It only makes sense that one of the globe’s most luxurious vodkas is handcrafted with passion and pride in Poland’s most famous distillery: Polmos Lublin. Founded in 1906, Orzel Vodka provides a perfect blend of historical authenticity and maximum product versatility.

Orzel is crafted for confident vodka drinkers with discerning palates. The velvety rich and balanced flavor is light, clean, and fresh with a well-rounded finish. Established more than 100 years ago, the Orzel distillery process has remained a diamond in the rough, separated from other premium vodkas by the unprecedented process in which it is made. To ensure that Orzel is of the finest essence, prominent experts at Polmos Lublin oversee each production step, and the grain-based distillate production method utilizes the best hand-selected agricultural raw materials and state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring the elimination of all impurities.

Additionally, each batch of vodka is distilled six times. Prior to the bottling of the liquor, connoisseurs are called in to sample, affirming that the vodka is up to par. Upon batch approval, the ultimate purification technique—cold filtration over quartz—is conducted to eradicate impurities and achieve vodka perfection.

The easily distinguishable Orzel bottle personifies luxury and class. The iconic clear glass decanter stands 13 inches tall and weighs an impressive three pounds at filled capacity. The distinctive bottle is enveloped with a maroon label that outstandingly showcases an embossed imperial eagle, the national symbol of Poland.

Berry InLove Martini

· 2 ounces of Orzel Vodka
· 1 ounce of Godiva White
Chocolate Liqueur
· ½ ounce of raspberry liqueur

Combine Orzel Vodka, Godiva White Chocolate liqueur, and raspberry liqueur in a shaker. Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass. Sprinkle with chocolate shavings and garnish with a strawberry.

V. Georgio Vodka


 While all three Georgio Vodkas undergo the same filtration process, they each maintain individuality through the distinct flavors.

Unique, sexy, stylish, upscale and smooth, all describe Victor G. Harvey’s new premium vodka line. V. Georgio Vodka promises to reinvent the premium vodka industry with its unique flavors and natural ingredients. All handcrafted by a master chef using the freshest fruits and all-natural ingredients, the dynamic line includes V. Georgio Signature Vodka, V. Georgio Acai, and V. Georgio V.I.P.

But lets get one thing straight: V. Georgio Vodka isn’t flavored vodka; it’s vodka that’s infused with flavor. V. Georgio Spirits employs a unique patented filtration and purification process that combines elements on a molecular level. The alcohol undergoes a combination of filtration and oxidation that removes harsh-tasting substances often revealed from fermentation and aging. The process results in a smooth, sophisticated spirit that appeases even the most discerning vodka drinker’s palate.

While all three Georgio Vodkas undergo the same filtration process, they each maintain individuality through the distinct flavors. V. Georgio Acai Vodka is infused with the self-titled all-natural super fruit to create a unique vodka blend. In the V.I.P edition, drinkers experience intense elements of cranberries, guarana, and caffeine, which combine to deliver a velvety, refreshing taste. As always, the Signature Vodka is a smooth and silky with a finish that leaves imbibers wanting more.

V. Georgio Brazilian Breeze

· 1 1/2 oz. V. Georgio Acai Vodka
· 3 blueberries
· 2 strawberries
· A dash of mint
· A splash of simple syrup

Pour 1½ ounces of V. Georgio Acai Vodka into a shaker glass with ice. Muddle the blueberries, strawberries and mint, and pour the mixture into the shaker glass.  Add a splash of simple syrup.  Shake and either strain and serve in a martini glass or pour into a highball glass.



There are four leading cognac houses in the world, but there is only one that has produced vintages in the 19th century to the liking of Napoleon, and only one that has won France’s most highly coveted award, the Prestige de la France: Courvoisier. A favorite amongst the most discerning cognac drinkers, Courvoisier has been enjoying its international reputation for producing the finest blends for centuries. It is a company-wide philosophy that a premium cognac blend comes from more than just science; it comes from respect of the land and paying homage to history. Consequently, Courvoisier has worked with the same grape-growing family for generations, and Master Blender Jean-Marc Olivier hand-selects oak trees that will be transformed into aging barrels. Extra steps such as these set Courvoisier apart from other cognac brands.

Courvoisier offers a variety of seven different blends, all of which are made from the finest grapes and offer rich and distinct flavors. While most individuals drink cognac on the rocks or still, Courvoisier’s latest blend, Exclusif, is intended for mixing. Devoted cognac aficionados appreciate this 12-year blend, as it can also be enjoyed straight. Exlusif originates from Borderies, an exclusive region in France known for its exotic grapes, and the resulting liquor showcases Courvoisier’s finest traits while simultaneously offering a new, modern flavor. Courvoisier’s latest blend is a premium cognac that maintains the brand’s typical subtle yet spicy hints of vanilla and gingerbread even when mixed in a cocktail, resulting in a smooth, sweet taste.

Courvoisier French Kiss

· 1/2 ounce Courvoisier
· Champagne
· 1 sugar cube (optional)

Place sugar cube in bottom of Champagne glass. Cover with ½ ounce Courvoisier; fill glass with Champagne.

Azul Spirits & Wine

Located in Miami Beach conveniently behind Sunset Harbor, Azul Spirits & Wines has established itself as a central fixture in the community for even the most discerning connoisseurs. A trip to this spirits store is more like a journey into another world. Fully stocked with a wide array of the finest cigars, wine, beer, and liquor, Azul promises to fulfill any request, even if it means making a special order to do so. In addition to offering the finest array of premium spirits, Azul provides a highly trained and extremely knowledgeable staff that is able to thoroughly explain to customers where any particular wine hails from, the history of the vineyard, and can also suggest appropriate pairings. The same knowledge is provided in regards to breweries and distilleries. With its unrivaled service, industry knowledge, and unbeatable pricing, Azul Spirits & Wines will continue to reign as the No. 1 spirits supplier in South Florida.

1414 20th St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139