The Weinstein Design Group

By Felicity Sargent

Weinstein Design Group is in a class all its own, creating luxurious interiors that transcend the ages.


 Each interior space by Weinstein Design Group is a visual feast, incorporating the most refined textures, palettes, and furnishings.

From the spaces that comprise cityscapes to opulent beachfront estates, Weinstein Design Group, Inc. can metamorphose any interior into an oasis of luxury. Founded in 1982 by Robert Weinstein, who is nationally recognized as one of the country’s foremost luxury interior designers, Weinstein Design Group has established itself as an industry leader. In each project it has tackled since its inception, the purposefully small design group of seven has created interiors that perfectly reflect the personalities and lifestyles of the clients.

Growing up in Manhattan, Weinstein was constantly surrounded by the city’s stimulating culture, and the sights and sounds he was exposed to in his youth provide the foundation for his design style today. “I assume the inspiration emanated from the opulent dining rooms at The Carlyle and the Waldorf Astoria,” he explains. “As a designer today, I constantly strive to create the type of rooms that will stand the test of time and become sanctuaries of refined taste for our clients.”

This goal has been achieved time and again. This “timeless classic” style inspires Weinstein’s elite clientele to continually rely on the group, often calling on them to outfit their second and third homes (and sometimes their yachts and jets), while also referring equally discerning friends.

Each interior space by Weinstein Design Group is a visual feast, incorporating the most refined textures, palettes, and furnishings. As such, Weinstein Design Group has completed innumerable interiors outside of their native Boca Raton, including projects in the nation’s most affluent communities in Manhattan, East Hampton, Aspen, Chicago, Philadelphia, Fisher Island, and Palm Beach, amongst many others.

The quality that keeps Weinstein Design Group an industry leader is simple: Weinstein is committed to superb service and design. In every project, the client’s wishes are met, if not surpassed. “From the beginning, I personally consult with every one of our clients and listen closely to their wants and needs,” Weinstein explains. “This enables my team and I to create customized interiors for each of our clients and make all their dreams come true. We never lose site of the fact that a client is entrusting us with one of their most personal responsibilities: to set the stage for the quality of life in their home.” This high level of personalization both in design and service sets Weinstein Design Group in a class all its own, defining its success and continued growth.

With this endless string of projects, Weinstein has to continually derive inspiration from multiple sources. “I find my life endlessly promising,” he says. “In my pursuit of the beautiful, inspiration takes on many shapes; there is always something to see, something to be inspired about. But mostly my inspiration comes from my clients, and my greatest reward is a satisfied client. We measure our success in terms of client satisfaction.

“We are not confined by a trademark or signature style,” he continues. “We are known for interiors that are timeless, warm, opulent, and luxurious while still being functional and practical. The timeless look of my interiors is the most recognizable aspect to every one of my designs.”

The group extends its design services to pleasure crafts and commercial and public spaces while specializing in private residential design and model merchandising. The group is working on several new and exciting projects, including a contemporary condo in South Beach and two luxurious oceanfront residences in one of the most prestigious high-rises in Boca.

Regardless of the project, Weinstein’s main philosophy is always apparent: “Be it at your home, work, or play, interior design should be about you, your comfort, and your style.” He continues to work diligently to create this balance for his clients, and he has the utmost confidence in his firm’s ability. “We can make your personal space everything you want and more.”

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