Yachting in Eden


By Mary Mullaj

The concept of the “Eden” motoryacht, by German product designer Daniel Hahn, relies on innovative design rather than novel technology. The name inself is intended to evoke “desirability, freedom, and personal space,” and the form of the watercraft certainly supports this intention. The silhouette of the yacht is based on sweeping horizontal and vertical lines for maximum graphic emphasis, giving an idea of suppleness and liquidity. The wider stern extends gracefully to the narrow bow, the most striking section of the 72 foot craft.

The material and elements of  the “Eden” all fit together smoothly without  visual interruption. Two contrasting materials compose most of the boat, evoking the golden age of yachting and the age of technological innovation simultaneously. The hull is constructed of the lightweight carbon fiber needed for great speeds, while the main body is constructed of wood for a luxurious look and feel. A single piece windshield allows for improved aerodynamics as well as a seamlessly sleek design. Even the anchor is incorporated so well into the main body that the only suggestion of its presence is a joint line in the front section. The lustrous interior allows space for three guests and a single crew member.

Although the watercraft places emphasis on its elegant and streamlined design above technological advances, the latter was not sacrificed in lieu of the former.  The force and agility of the boat, an essential ingredient in a motoryacht, is undeniable. A pair of engines supplies a grant total of 2500 horsepower to allow for speeds of up to 40 knots for up to 360 miles. Not too shabby.

Via Born Rich