Remember To Bring The Wife And Kids

By Sean Ballent

So your wife is six months pregnant with your second child and she’s given you the go-ahead to purchase a new family car. Today is your lucky day. Lamborghini’s new baby concept, the Estoque, is a sedan.  Yeah that’s right, a four-door, four-seat Lamborghini, with ample luggage space.
The Estoque derives its name from the sword used in bullfights by the Matador. It’s a very large car at 16.89 feet long and 6.53 feet wide, with a very low profile of only 4.43 feet.  The Estoque’s wheelbase is a considerable 9.88 feet.

The unique Estoque carries a front end in familiar Lamborghini design.  A lower spoiler holsters gaping diamond-shaped air intake scoops. The daring sedan design carries through the hood with its v-shaped nose and aggressively cut side vents. The rear end is sophisticated but powerful.

Under an ambitious hood and right behind the front axle we find the Gallardo LP-560’s 10-cylinder engine. The 5.2-liter V10 has an output of 560 Hp at 8,000 rpm. A complementary alternative could be a turbocharged eight-cylinder derived from this V10.  If you were in the market for something more economical, a variation would be a V8 with a hybrid module or an extremely high-performance TDI. As with all contemporary Lamborghini models, the Estoque is equipped with permanent all-wheel drive making for superior traction in all driving situations.

Officially, Lamborghini classifies Estoque purely as a concept car based on feasible technical concept.  What Lamborghini is trying to say is that if buyers like it, we’ll they’ll build it.