Dressed to Kill


By Sean Ballent

Do you ever fear a drive-by shooting while walking your labradoodle?  Possibly a masked man jumping out of the bushes with a 9mm as you line up your approach shot on the eighth-hole fairway? Have you ever wanted to feel like Superman? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Columbian designer Miguel Caballero has just what you’re looking for.
Tagged “high-security fashion,” Caballero’s new line of clothing incorporates lightweight, bulletproof fabric, indistinguishable from regular designer clothing. Removable ballistic panels allow for maximum flexibility and breathability. For $12,000 you can purchase a polo shirt that resist bullets ranging from a 9mm to an uzi sub-machine gun. The “Black Collection” line includes an assortment of leather jackets and even a bulletproof tuxedo shirt. The line can be purchased from Harrod’s of London and is already being worn by the likes of action star Steven Seagal, President Alvaro Uribe of Columbia, King Abdullah of Jordan, and President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. A new bulletproof line of clothing for pet will be available just in time for the holidays, and just in case you were wondering, it will sadly be dry-clean only.

Via Born Rich