Chakra and Awe


By Cristina Rossel

Located within Miami’s Financial District on the 24th Floor of the Conrad Miami hotel, Spa Chakra delivers comprehensive health and wellness therapies designed to purify, tone, and balance your body. Spa Chakra aims to align your chakras through therapeutic treatments customized to your individual needs. Each session employs the Guerlain Methode, a technique that massages pressure-points in order to revitalize the skin, lymph, and blood passageways, allowing for maximum product absorption.

Upon entry, guests are asked to fill out a Self-Assessment Questionnaire; this valuable tool targets an individual’s primary stress, such as nutritional, emotional, electromagnetic, and/or physical strain.  Afterward, Spa Chakra’s therapists create a facial and body treatment specifically designed to improve your health and beauty.  Spa packages include the luxurious 5-hour Queen for a Day treatment, which includes Revitalizing Footbath, Hydrotherapy, 60-minute Massage, Spa Facial, and Spa Foot Therapy as well as partial power-packages appositely named Serenity, Energy, and Purity.

In total, Spa Chakra offers its clients more than 60 holistic and conventional therapies, each guaranteeing a “Transformational Healing” experience. Guests seeking a mini-break from their hectic schedule are welcome to visit Spa Chakra and indulge in individual treatments such as a Purifying Back Therapy, Terracotta Tan, or even a Vichy Shower Water. Guests are invited to choose a specific Guerlain Paris fragrance which is incorporated into their treatment; healing aromas filter through each private therapy session, ensuring muscle relaxation and mental well-being.

Additionally, Spa Chakra grants its clients access to their 24-hour Spa Chakra Luxury Fitness Center. State-of-the-art conditioning and strength-training equipment provide guests with optimal fitness training to compliment their restorative spa experience.

Minimalistic yet sleek, contemporary and urban, Spa Chakra’s natural hues and bamboo flooring create a nurturing ambiance compatible with its theory and promise of balance, healing, and total wellness. Visit Spa Chakra for your personalized spa experience.