A List Private Aviation: Velocity Jets

JET Demands

By Sean Ballent


Everybody’s got the same clichéd spiel: Company X sets the new standard and stands apart from the rest because we focus on the total experience at the level of world-class service our clients come to expect.

JET Demands has that same rap, too. They are great and top-notch and they wouldn’t bother to be in this business if this wasn’t the case. But what makes them a little different, in a big way, is that they’re no-nonsense and their clients love them for it. They love that they’re a lean and mean boutique org based in Long Island that caters primarily to New Yorkers (read: they’ve got the market dialed). These customers fly private, even in a downturn economy, and they know that JET Demands has a unique competitive edge that will allow them to continue to do that without making a huge commitment. As Managing Partner Dan Perna says, “Those deals are out there, now more than ever.”

By working closely with clientele to establish a complete understanding of requirements, JET Demands evaluates the best travel options trip by trip to ensure that clients have a perfect, personalized travel experience. With access to over 1,500 Premier-type Certified Private Jets and the largest inventory of empty leg charters, JET Demands has the freedom and flexibility to select the exact aircraft to satisfy the preferences of each individual. “We act as consultants in regards to our clients’ private aviation needs. Basically, we’re their personal flight department,” affirms Perna. Don’t believe it? Call Perna up and tell him you need a heavy bird to get down to South Beach, stat. Just don’t be surprised when you’re soon aboard a Falcon 900, hurtling towards Joe’s Stone Crab.

In today’s private aviation industry common practices are fractional ownership and card programs. The excessive expenditures due to monthly maintenance fees, operating costs, and insurance charges make fractional ownership an unwise investment, while card programs can end up costing 30 to 50 percent more expensive than jet charters when all is said and done.

JET Demands gives its clients the ability to keep their fractional or flight card program honest by providing a realm of cost-effective choices: one-ways, empty legs, and round trips. “New York flyers have more options now than ever. There’s an abundance of empty legs in the New York area that have empowered New Yorkers and Hamptonites to hedge against their card or fractional programs and come up with some exceptional pricing,” says Perna.

JET Demands was conceived by cofounder Captain Stephen Matteo, whose aviation experience includes serving as a 23-year veteran of American Airlines, and management of various air charter companies since 1980. As a Senior Pilot and check airman for American, he built the associations needed to efficiently use all options available. Furthermore, throughout his career he’s gained vast experience with all of the providers of aviation assets and has worked diligently to identify the true cost of these assets-all of which allowed him to create a service and pricing benchmark for JET Demanders. That’s why they even have clients who have their own private jets.

So wherever your next hop, JET Demands can outfit you in luxurious comfort, specifically harmonizing with your taste and needs. They provide a straight-shooting service that’s private, personable, efficient, and a tremendous value.

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