A List Private Aviation: Velocity Jets

Leading Edge

By Monique Stringfellow


Picking out a private jet is a little more complicated than showing up at a dealership, giving a down payment, and rolling down the runway. Thus, Leading Edge Aviation Solutions was born out of necessity to help potential buyers sift through the ever-changing aviation offerings to find the ideal aircraft and aid in the acquisition process.

Leading Edge Aviation Solutions, one of the world’s most experienced companies in the aircraft acquisition and disposition arena, is aware that purchasing an aircraft, large or small, is a complex process involving multimillion dollar transactions. Leading Edge’s meticulously vetted team of professionals brings an unmatched level of expertise to both the financial and operational arms of aircraft ownership. The company’s experience is unmatched; in 2007 alone, the company’s purchase and sale transactions totaled totaled more than $1.2 billion.

At the acquisition stage, Leading Edge helps first-time aircraft buyers weigh the options, leading to an informed decision on the best aircraft to suit their individual needs. And even more experienced corporate fleet managers know that there are a number of factors that should be addressed prior to purchase. What makes the firm unique is an analytical and strategic approach to fleet planning. No other company has a team of advisors that implement a process that considers business and personal lifestyle objectives, historic and future travel, aircraft performance, tax strategy, depreciation, and aircraft residual values. These factors, combined with many others, compliment a process to help clients mitigate risk and make informed aviation decisions. Some of the nation’s biggest brand names and Fortune 500 companies rely on Leading Edge to guide them through the process.

Leading Edge launched in 2004, the result of a merger between Corporate Aviation Analysis & Planning and Wings Aviation International, two important leaders in the business aviation market. Each company had been in operation for over a decade when they joined forces in response to an evolving market that called for a more comprehensive set of services. Despite different backgrounds, the companies shared key values-passion, excellence, innovation, and execution-which carried over to Leading Edge.

These values continue to translate into every sector of the current operation. The company prides itself on employing a highly qualified staff that includes financial analysts with MBAs, technical consultants, business analysts, an aircraft sales force, and even a director of personnel placement. Leading Edge is led by CEO Joseph Carfagna and President and COO Brian Proctor; these professionals are qualified and knowledgeable in both aviation and business, a complimentary balance that ensures a more informed decision for the clients. This exceptional staff has successfully delivered more than 500 new aircraft and 200 pre-owned technical appraisals, and placed more than 100 aviation professionals.

With the world of private aviation maturing domestically and expanding internationally to include more clients than ever before, it is key to have experienced advisors who can lead businesses and individuals through complicated processes of finding the ideal craft. Using years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry, Leading Edge develops and executes solutions that make the best sense-financially, operationally, and strategically.

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