The Doctor Is In: Dr. Kasarsky Talks Cosmetic Dentistry

Every edition, Haute Living showcases the A-listers of the medical world. This month, Dr. Kasarsky enlightens us on the latest trends in cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Jason Kasarsky


 Building a rapport with the patient is a critical part of dentistry. It comes down to being open and honest with the patient.

HAUTE LIVING Once you get to know a patient, what intuitive tools do you use to help match the smile to their personality?
DR. Kasarsky As I practice I continue to improve my art. Matching the personality of a patient with the look of the smile is a step beyond what we were given at birth. Subtle shading to enhance skin tone and sizing that works with facial characteristics and psychological profile is what I mean when I say art. Millions of people do not smile or laugh with full expression because they do not like the way their smiles look. They do not realize that their lips and cheeks are tight. They do not want to let the public in. Time and time again, as I see positive changes being made, I see the true person evolve before me.

HL How have you seen your own interpersonal skills grow through your experience?
DK As a dentist, communication between my patients and myself is crucial to the entire process. I must explain the patient’s problem in his or her language and put it in a frame of reference the patient understands. Otherwise, they will not be able to make the most informed decision possible and I will not have done my job.

HL How do you balance your work with your personal life?
DK Finding a balance between work, family, and personal time creates a tremendous challenge for me. The relationships that develop between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. are demanding. Certainly rewarding, yet extremely demanding. For years I was not creating enough time for my family, and therefore I was not creating enough time for myself. I was concentrating on building a practice and strengthening economic bases. To be truthful, I am working on the challenge. My relationships have definitely strengthened with both my family and work environment.

HL What is your greatest challenge in communicating with patients?
DK Once the necessary diagnostic work is complete, my job is to explain my conclusions to the patient. Part of the task is to help patients understand their oral health issues and inform them of their options. If I do not teach and inform, I am just performing. I would have left a step out. Therefore, one of my mottos when working with patients is: “Inform before you perform.”

HL You have explained that you like to be taught and like to teach. What has been your greatest learning experience?
DK Dr. Pete Dawson is one of the world’s most famous dentists. I have traveled far to enroll in continuing education classes taught by him. When Dr. Dawson told me to think of myself as a physician of the head and neck focusing on the oral cavity, something clicked. My enthusiasm for my work is shared when I educate. The education process revolves around patients as well as younger dentists I work with.

HL What do you think makes your practice most unique?
DK The five-star service and beautiful office do not make my practice unique. What does is our ability to embrace new dental technology by doing research, learning how to use it, and incorporating it into our daily routine. I brought laser dentistry technology into our office. This new technology has changed the way I practice dentistry, and it is what makes us different.

HL Are there certain techniques that you use to communicate more effectively?
DK Building a rapport with the patient is a critical part of dentistry. It comes down to being open and honest with the patient. Let me quote Victor Borge: “A smile is the shortest distance between two people.”

HL What is the greatest satisfaction for you in the workplace?
DK I am very fortunate. I love my job. I have the passion to be the best I can be. I believe all successful individuals have the desire to succeed and push the envelope. I want to measure success in terms of obstacles cleared. To be successful, you must have passion for your work. Seeing the difference not only in teeth, but also in a patient’s newfound confidence, is definitely the greatest satisfaction.

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