Rippling out of this world


Daze into hypnosis with Lee J. Rowland’s “Ripple Series” tables, mercury chrome plated and polished to perfection. The contoured table top is the result of a meticulous “CNC 3D” machining process followed by lap polishing, a technique that Rowland says is responsible for some of the most perfect finishes on the planet. An over 20-year veteran of the aerospace engineering industry, Rowland has created hundreds of different products, from bridal headwear to illuminated floor tiles for the designing world. With three models to choose from, the Ripple Series tables are crafted by Rowland himself. Utilizing UV Stable aqua tint, crystal clear polyester resin, aluminum, and other advanced sheet metal, the gorgeous tables seamlessly integrate aeronautical engineering with the world of furniture design for a result that is entrancingly galactic.

Price: $45,000 to $268,000