Car of the Week: 2004 Ferrari F360 Spyder F1 Convertible


Precision, speed and comfort. Isn’t that what anyone wants when they embrace the steering wheel and cockpit of a finely crafted automotive masterpiece? As you nod affirmatively, then consider slipping snugly into the 2004 Ferrari F360 Spyder F1 Convertible where luxury and performance meet adrenaline. The F360’s 3.6 liter V8 engine takes you from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds as you succumb to the delight of an engine’s roar that beckons the beast within. Designed with Formula 1 transmission technology, you have the option for “Auto” mode but choose manual transmission to experience the 150 millisecond shifts only a Ferrari F1 can deliver.

In addition to the F360’s active double wishbone suspension, the superior high performance steering gives the perfect blend of feedback, response and control that makes you feel at one with the road. Even the air management of this elite convertible is superb with its luxury cabin maintaining tranquility at speeds as high as 100mph. Its finishing touches of decadence lie within its 2-tone leather seats, metallic trim center stack, and an Alpine source premium sound system with DynAudio system speakers. From inside out, the Ferrari F360 Spyder offers extravagance in both packaging and performance that seduces the adventurer in anyone.

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