Vertu’s New Collection


With cell phones no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s world, how can you distinguish your mobile phone from everyone else’s? Fortunately, there is a company that understands the need to have not only state-of-the-art technology available, but a creative and unique design to go along with it. Nestled deep in the English countryside, Vertu is the place to go for truly astounding cell phones.

This summer, Vertu proudly presented their newest collection, called the Constellation Rococo Collection. This launch included four new designs, all inspired by the 18th century French art scene. The creative team at Vertu has put a modern twist on the era’s celebrated ball gowns,by embroidering the cell phone’s leather back with colored metallic threads to create a detailed floral design. And like with anything Vertu, the design includes their trademark “V.”

In addition to these unique looks, four rousing colors were designed for the Vertu products; noir, scarlet, and ivory debuted on June 1st, while the ultra-select Rococo sapphire decked out with natural blue Cabochon sapphires and a hand-polished bezel engraved with a floral pattern will be released on August 1st.

Via Luxury Insider