Travel Essential: House of Veuve Clicquot’s Bubbly on the go The Clicquot Traveler

The House of Veuve Clicquot finally solves the age-old dilemma of how to enjoy chilled bubbly on the go.

By Felicity Sargent


Though once a utility of necessity, travel has metamorphosed into an act of luxury that in recent years has transcended jet setting standards around the globe. Whether one is island hopping in the Caribbean, heli-skiing in the Alps, or taking a G550 to Qatar, it should be done in style. And what better accompaniment to world travel than glamour’s long time confidante, the unanimous effervescent beverage of choice: Champagne.

The House of Veuve Clicquot has heightened wine standards for centuries, driven by the illustrious Madame Clicquot’s motto “only one quality: the finest.” She instilled modern innovation upon the company as early as the 1700s, and monopolized the market in 1814 when she ordered the shipment of 10,000 bottles to Russia just as Napoleon’s nautical blocks fell, thus establishing the brand’s permanent success. Since her reign, the House has continually proven the Madame Cliquot’s aphorism to be true, specifically with its latest invention: chilled Champagne at a moment’s notice, regardless of locale.

Currently headed by Cècile Bonnefond, the brand provides two options for ultra-portable bubbly: The Clicquot Traveler, which can hold a 750ml bottle, and The City Traveler, with a 375ml half-bottle. With this unique accoutrement, the House promises to enhance the quality of globe-trotting to cities, mountains, and beaches alike. Featured is The Veuve Clicquot rosè, chosen to accompany the orignial Traveler series, as this vintage is thought to best accompany the lifestyle . The bottle rests cozily inside the chic and identifiably Clicquot rosè pink carriers. Stylish as they may appear, fashion is not the compact totes’ sole function. The cases are lined in concave neoprene isothermal that keep previously chilled bottles refreshingly crisp for up to two hours. Upon finishing the delicate yet powerful bouquet contained inside, the lining is easily removable, transforming the carriers into reusable totes.

Prior to this ingenius traveling accessory, the luxury of indulging in Champagne while on-the-go was contaminated with the feared premonition of warm, flat bubbles, a nightmare to any savvy imbiber. As the famed Orson Welles eloquently put it, “There are three intolerable things in life: cold coffee, lukewarm Champagne, and overexcited women.” The late entertainer would have surely been a devotee of the portable totes, as will seasoned travelers. Be it an impromptu picnic in the park or a transcontinental adventure, it appears to be near imperative to include the new Veuve Clicquot Travel Collection in ventures to ensure journeying with style and grace this season. With a perfect balance of function and form, The Veuve Clicquot City Traveler Collection will be a welcomed addition to any traveler’s luggage set.