Safe Tobacco


Traditionally, a safe is utilized to guard important documents, priceless jewelry, extra funds, and other personal treasures. But since 1919, German handcrafting company Döttling has created magnificent, one-of-a-kind safes that go beyond their regular duty. Due to their commitment in this unique trade, a new reason to purchase a safe has developed: to preserve precious tobacco.

Besides crafting and designing their own safes, Döttling also restores antique safes and customize them for their clients. Recently, Döttling sold an antique safe that boasts a humidor with two humidification systems that are fully crafted into the safe. The safe was built in Amsterdam in the late 19th century. A rarity in the safe-building industry, the safe features a high-gloss, black piano finish, and a curved door with the interior comprised of Spanish cedar.

Besides the visible humidor in the safe’s interior, Döttling has included a smooth, illuminated console cover, operable by remote control. This cover conceals the second and secretive fully functional humidor.

With new additions in the safe-building industry, perhaps the time has come to replace the old family safe with something that is equipped to handle something more than just documents.
Via Doettling