HTC’s Black Touch Diamond


There is a formidable new competitor on the block of mobile phones. It is HTC’s shiny, black Touch Diamond, which can be recognized from afar because of its aptly designed, diamond-faceted backside. HTC is one of the partners in Android, the company most known as Google’s attempted dip into the honey jar of cell phone technology. The Touch Diamond does not come out for another three months, but it is already being lauded as superior to the Apple iPhone. For one, it is smaller, making it more user-friendly than the bulky iPhone, which often requires two hands to type and is difficult to use while walking. Then there is the resolution of the Touch Diamond, which beats out the previous HTC Touch phones fourfold, not to mention its sexy exterior.

Although the Touch Diamond may be more desirable in design and screen resolution, it is open to slight criticism for its camera’s resolution, clocking in at only 3.2 megapixels. However, the phone has automatic possibility with its link to technology behemoth Google. In the past, HTC has marketed its phones to a business audience. But now, with its advances in design and streamlining of Windows Mobile technology (i.e. special versions of popular websites, and the ability to “flip” through items like you are turning the pages of a book ), the Touch Diamond may have a fighting chance in the market. It is only a matter of time before people tire of Apple’s monopoly on the market, and people may decide that mobile phone technology needs diversity in order to foster innovation. Apple has slowed down the level of creativity on the market, and with its tactical delayed release of new technology-like its second generation iPhone-it robs the public of what it deserves: the newest and the best technology possible.

Via Forbes