Fit for a Celebrity: Celebrity Concierge

Celebrity Concierge offers unparalleled service that will rival any personal assistant.

By Eve Gurevich


 Sea charters complement flight services and no yacht is too big for Celebrity Concierge.

Vacations can be tricky, especially for a discerning traveler who prefers his own car to a rental, even more so if his daily car is a Ferrari. No one likes trading in a 10 for something less savory. Celebrity Concierge understands the elite traveler and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure that their lifestyle is mirrored during their holiday-the dream solution for any luxury vacationer. Their services are available worldwide and they are able to provide travelers with exotic cars, mansions, jets, helicopters, multi-million dollar condos, yachts, and every VIP service imaginable. Whatever you may need, Celebrity Concierge can provide it. They build personal relationships with each and every client while making sure that their luxury and relaxation needs are met.

Although Celebrity Concierge is relatively new, its owners, Jared Jukel, Zachary Karl, and Christopher Varca, have 10 years of experience in the field, which guarantees the flawless service and confidentiality that their clients expect. The services available include exotic car rentals, yacht, and aircraft charters, as well as a myriad of personal services, which alleviate the stress of traveling.

Celebrity Concierge has aircraft charters available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to fly anywhere in the world . Depending on your personal needs, light, medium, medium-heavy, and heavy jets are on call. Helicopter services are offered in Sikorsky or Eurocopter helicopters. The luxury aircrafts at Celebrity Concierge are maintained to the highest caliber of excellence and come with an experienced crew providing 5-star service. Celebrity Concierge owns most of the inventory offered, but if a client requests something not on their list, “We go out and buy it,” says Jukel. It’s that simple.

Sea charters complement flight services and no yacht is too big for Celebrity Concierge. They specialize in luxury yachts as well as 200-foot-plus megayachts. Their inventory is among the most impressive in the world; Sea Ray, Sunseeker, Horizon, Oceanfast, Feadship, and Donzi are just some of the vessel brands represented by Celebrity Concierge. Each yacht charter is staffed with a full crew made up of up to a dozen professionals. Depending on the size of the boat and the client’s expectations, Celebrity Concierge will staff the luxury yachts to meet their client’s needs.

Celebrity Concierge guarantees class and sophistication on land, which is expressed through their exotic car selection. Whether you prefer a Ferrari, a Rolls-Royce, or even a Bentley or a Lamborghini, you can rest assured knowing that a luxury vehicle will be guaranteed to suit your expectations and best of all, your lifestyle will not be compromised just because you are away on vacation. Each year, Celebrity Concierge updates its inventory with the newest and most exclusive exotic cars. While they certainly take care of your transportation needs, Celebrity Concierge also provides mansions, condominiums, and luxury homes, which are among the most extravagant in the world.

Whether clients choose a short stay or long retreat, the company prides itself on providing only the best of the best. From coast to coast, Celebrity Concierge has access to many multi-million dollar properties, which range from the Setai in Miami to the Palms in Las Vegas. Some of their exclusive mansions are located on Palm Island, Hibiscus Island, and other surrounding Miami Beach areas.

Aside from luxury living and transportation Celebrity Concierge can get you a reservation at the best restaurant or help plan a special event. Celebrity Concierge will go above and beyond any request. “I will extend my company and myself to offer all and any available options,” says Jukel. Traveling and leaving the comfort of your home is definitely more appealing when you are staying in a mansion with any luxury amenity at your beck and call.