Full Swing Golf Simulator


It’s the dead middle of winter and the only thing you’re craving is a warm summer breeze in your face while you whack tiny plastic balls over stretches of immaculately manicured grass. If a last-minute golfing trip to Bermuda is out of the question, your next best bet is the Full Swing Golf simulator. With a gigantic screen powered by a Windows based PC, you can swing away at golf courses anywhere in the world right from your very own home. Plus, two 360 degree curtains with infra-red beams emitting 60,000 pulses per second track the trajectory and speed of your shot and let you know in an instant just how badly you suck and how many more decades of practice you’ll need to improve your handicap! But make sure to vacate the basement before you take this baby for a test run – you’ll need at least a 20 x 13 x 10.5 foot space to park the simulator.

Via BornRich