The $68 million bulletproof house

Lev Leviev, Israel’s richest man, is moving into one of the most extravagant homes in London.

And this is not your typical extravagant home. No, Leviev’s Hampstead mansion is bulletproof, just one of many reasons Leviev was willing to shell over 35 million British pounds ($68.474 million). One other advantage: London’s low tax rates made this purchase just a bit more paletable.

There is speculation that the purchase is part of some incredible spending binge on Leviev’s part, including purchases of a large private jet and The New York Times building (price: $587 million).

Leviev is in charge of Israeli Diamond, which is responsible for breaking the De Beers controlled diamond cartel, after the purchase of several diamond mines around Russia, Angola, and Namibia. Estimates state that approximately one third of all diamond sales worldwide are diamonds that were cut and polished by Leviev’s company, a big cut out of a market that was once 98 percent controlled by De Beers.

An accomplishment like that deserves a worthy reward. And we’re guessing this home might just be it.

From NuBricks