Sovereigns of Selection : Brown Harris Stevens’ New Marketing Division

Brown Harris Stevens’ new marketing division decides who is ultra-luxury and who should hit
the Yellow Pages.

By Laura Perlongo Photography by Bob Martus


 “It is a unique advantage that no other marketing company in New York City has, both for our buyers and our developers.”

It’s the age-old conundrum: If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make sound? Likewise, if a luxury real estate development never sells, was it ever luxurious?

The cliché riddle remains unanswered, at least for projects taken on by Brown Harris Stevens SELECT LLC. The new development and marketing division of Brown Harris Stevens, SELECT is poised to smash records in real estate sales leaving luxury developers salivating for their services. The future seems bright for these marketing gurus, who claim skills so exceptional, they are challenging the usual “take what you can get” marketing paradigm and sending undeserving developers packing.

Marketing only the most deluxe domestic and international luxury developments, SELECT is seizing the opportunity to build upon the legacy of BHS, known as a leading international luxury real estate brokerage. Although a new kid on the marketing block, SELECT has leveraged the BHS reputation and association with Christie’s Great Estates to land accounts with some of the biggest developers in Manhattan and beyond. Current projects include The Apple Bank Building, 235 West 71st Street, and 15 Union Square West, to name a few. “Our affiliation with Christies Great Estates allows us to reach affluent buyers through a luxury network of more than 850 real estate offices in more than 40 countries,” Shlomi Reuveni, EVP and senior managing director of Brown Harris Stevens SELECT explains. “It is a unique advantage that no other marketing company in New York City has, both for our buyers and our developers.”

Prior to the addition of SELECT, BHS relied on individual brokers under the direction of BHS President Hall F. Willkie and the legendary William Zekendorf. Not to say they were struggling, but as Brown Harris Steven’s grew and the luxury market became increasingly global, a need for more holistic marketing services transpired. “We needed to form a fully dedicated company focused solely on high-end new development marketing,” says Willkie. One central reason for this amplified marketing is the growing wealth of an international crowd looking to purchase a second, third, or fourth home in Manhattan. “Strong exchange difference between the euro/pound and dollar, and an influx of considerable wealth from Eastern Europe and the Middle East, has made luxury Manhattan real estate a ‘shopping list item,'” Reuveni clarifies. Hand-picked by Willkie and his colleagues at BHS, Reuveni has experience in New York and overseas culminating in more than $1 billion in sales. He was born in Israel, speaks fluent Hebrew, and has lived both in Europe and the U.S.; his international experiences are a symbol of the global knowledge that SELECT will supply their clients.

Raising worldwide awareness about specific projects requires innovative marketing strategies, and Reuveni with SELECT seems to have the resources to provide that global exposure; that is, if they select to work with you. “We chose the name SELECT because we are not interested in picking up every project that’s offered to us. Our directive is to be aligned exclusively with only the most exceptional developments,” Reuveni says to the envy of every marketing team in Manhattan. Ah, to be so spoiled.