Next “organic” trend: Spas

New York is a city best enjoyed with money. And for those with money, New York has always had plenty to tempt the pocketbooks of the money-makers who stroll about the world’s capital, from shops to live entertainment.

And one of the more luxurious ways of winding down after a long day of shopping till you drop is the spa, where scrubs, baths, and massages give a breath of fresh air to those in need. Now, though, a spa is just simply not enough; organic is the way to go.

Yes, that’s right, just like organic food and wine, organic spas are beginning to gain popularity, and, for New Yorkers, there is finally an option: Priti, which is billed as the only all-organic spa in New York City. By “all-organic,” Priti means that EVERYTHING is organic: nail polish and remover, teas, creams, scrubs, essential oils – even CLEANING PRODUCTS!

What’s more, the spa’s website is hosted by a web hosting company that plants a tree for every person who joins.

Not a bad way to feel a little less guilty as you indulge …

Via Luxist