Outkast’s Big Boi rocking $50,000 Air Force 1 Sneakers


For those who thought that a pair of Nikes should only be worn by sweaty athletes, we present to you hip-hop star Big Boi, one half of Grammy-winning group Outkast.

Big Boi recently purchased a pair of Nike Air Force 1 “So Cals,” essentially a pair of $225 tennis shoes that have been upgraded opulently.

No, these sneakers won’t help you dunk, but they’ll certainly be a slam dunk to anyone who watches Big Boi stroll around with his sparkling swooshes (sparkle courtesy of 11 carats worth of champagne diamonds – what else would you expect?)

And, while Big Boi didn’t have to pay for his – he was given the pair for free in Atlanta from Laced Up Boutique, Priyya, and Chintans Diamonds – if you want a pair, you’d have to pony up some $50,000.

When it comes to considering ponying up for these pricey sneakers, Nike might just suggest that potential customers follow its famous slogan: Just Do It.

Via Luxist