25 Bond Gets Some Chiseled Features


Sculptor Ken Hiratsuka, whose unmistakable flowing, oceanic chisel designs have helped adorn the most lavish areas in New York and around the world, recently began work on an ambitious and beautiful sidewalk design at 25 Bond Street.

Designed on jaw-dropping flamed Chinese granite, Hiratsuka’s design is eye-catching and complex despite its simplicity. The project, commissioned by real estate developer and art collector Tony Goldman, will cover more than 1,600 square feet of space. Hiratsuka, who has been based in New York since 1982, began work on the project on November 5. The project also includes a standing sculpture, entitled “Nike”, for the development’s lobby.

A master of public art, Hiratsuka has an uncanny ability to make his uniquely talented designs available for everyone to see. He is famous for his lavish carvings in nearly 20 countries around the world, including in New York at the northwest corner of Prince and Broadway, and Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

Hiratsuka’s new work at 25 Bond is sure to set his legacy in stone.

Via Curbed