Wearable Works of Art with Jewelry designer Victoria Casal

Jewelry designer Victoria Casal continues to delight women worldwide with the introduction of her whimsical new line


 “What I love most about these pieces is not only their wear-ability, but also the way they allow women of fashion to take chances.”

My designs capture the essence of what a woman feels so she may announce it to the world without uttering a word,” says Parisian Victoria Casal, a new staple in the world of fine jewelry. Her first collection was launched in 2000 with the help of her husband, Jean Luc Barrier. Since then, Casal has honed her style into a constant homage to the mother-daughter bond, despite her having three sons and no daughters.

She explains this as “My mother was an inspiration to me because she was always very fashionable and well-traveled. She was very creative, and I fell in love with fashion as a six-year-old watching her get ready to go out.” She has taken this love of fashion and the mother-daughter bond and worked this fabulously into her new collection, which contains pieces that can be found in two sizes and styles: bold for women and delicate for young ladies. To make her pieces appeal to women of all ages, Casal takes every day objects and turns them into extraordinary wearable pieces of art, which can be customized in yellow or white gold, and featuring only the finest handpicked stones, with mother of pearl to Peruvian pink opals and diamonds.

Casal says, “What I love most about these pieces is not only their wear-ability, but also the way they allow women of fashion to take chances.” Her pieces include fruit slices and military-style tags, whistles, hearts, feathers, stars, and also feature recognizable figures such as Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell. “She has a whimsical style women of all ages can appreciate. As she points out, “Fine jewelry has long adorned the bodies of celebrated women throughout time, adding sparkle and glow matched only by their natural beauty. Royals, celebrities, dignitaries and ladies of prominence are rarely seen without luxurious decorations.” What better to adorn yourself with than the unique stylings of a haute designer from Paris?

Her concept stores are described as chic wonderlands, made complete with soft pink lamps and chocolate brown wood display cases which showcase her spectacular pieces for her patrons. The flagship store is located in the Parisian center for fine jewelry, but her collections can be found in Metropolitan places throughout the world, including both New York and Miami.

www. victoriacasalusa.com