Riviera Relaxation: Retreating to the Côte d’Azu

By Kristelle Devieux and Sara Neff


 No matter which of the 45 to 90 minute treatments is chosen, one will leave the spa with an instantaneous youthful and luminous glow.

Retreating to the Côte d’Azur has been a chic trip into relaxation and glamour for years, thanks in large part to the Hotel Byblos in Saint Tropez. Four decades ago, the hotel opened its doors and exposed patrons to the ultimate in hotel indulgence. Now, as Hotel Byblos celebrates its 40th anniversary, they are taking indulgence one step further with the opening of the Byblos Spa by Sisley Cosmetics, a step that will complete the entire Hotel Byblos experience.

The long-awaited Byblos Spa by Sisley Cosmetics boasts approximately 3,770 square feet of Provençal architecture combined with a calming Mediterranean ambiance. Featuring a Turkish bath with six deluxe treatment rooms, the spa pampers each and every one of its guests. To top it all off, special relaxation areas can be found secluded amongst a lush garden, complemented with olive trees – further emphasizing the Mediterranean atmosphere. In addition to the Turkish bath, a personal VIP treatment suite is located in the spa. A private steam bath, side-by-side couples’ massage tables, and a secluded outdoor area offer the ultimate in relaxation.

The Byblos Spa by Sisley Cosmetics strives to radiate well-being and accentuate health and wellness. In order to achieve this, Sisley cosmetics created over twenty exclusive treatments for the face and body. Each treatment promotes toxin elimination, revitalization, and the regeneration of the skin. No matter which of the 45 to 90 minute treatments is chosen, one will leave the spa with an instantaneous youthful and luminous glow.

Whether looking younger, renewal, or relaxation is your goal, you are sure to find a treatment at the Byblos Spa by Sisley Cosmetics to fulfill your needs. Three of the many services offered at the spa include: the “Byblos Exclusive,” an intensive anti-aging hydrating treatment with Malachite fine stones; the “Autour de l’Olivier,” a Provençal essential oil steam bath with an intensive hydrating body massage followed by a luxurious anti-aging facial treatment using semi-precious Malachite; and the “Ultimate Byblos Program,” which includes a steam bath with Provençal essential oils and a face and body treatment created around the famous Sisley Global Anti-Aging products and techniques.

With our hectic, stressful, never-ending schedules, it’s important to remember to take time to refresh and rejuvenate our minds and bodies. It is obvious that the Byblos Spa by Sisley Cosmetics will not only allow its patrons to relax, but will create an entire experience in relaxation, ultimately leading to an increase in health and wellness.