NYC’s Most headlined Loft Has been Sold


After 5 years on the market, the 11,000 square/foot penthouse that made headlines, has finally been sold.

The new owner is Ron Burkle, the Californian supermarket magnate- whom you may remember as Rupert Murdoch’ s recent nemesis, as he videotaped a New York Post reporter asking for cash in return for favorable coverage and then proceeded to accuse the newspaper of extortion. Additionally, Burkle showed interests in purchasing the L.A Times and the Wall Street Journal.

But back to the question at hand, the penthouse is a duplex in Greenwich Village (on Broadway and 4th), originally owned by Israeli entrepreneur and architect, Jonathan Leitersdorf who owned the entire building and designed the three-bedroom penthouse that includes a rooftop garden and swimming pool.
The loft-style apartment, known as the Sky Studio event space, gained notoriety when it was featured in a few episodes of Sex and the City as the bachelor pad of Samantha Jones’s hotelier boyfriend, and when master comedian Jerry Seinfeld married his wife, Jessica Klar, in venue. It became even more famous when it was put on the market for $27 million and the interested potential buyers were Bono and Billy Joel, among other high profilers. And even more famous in 2004 when the owner marked down the village pad from $27 to $20 million.

Despite strong interests among the jet set society, no deals were ever made for the penthouse. Burkle has now become the proud owner of a fiercely coveted apartment for which he will pay $17 million in cold cash.