The Technological Excellence of Halstead Property LLC

By Kristelle Devieux


Halstead has long been a frontrunner in the real estate world, thanks inpart to innovative marketing strategies continually adjusted to fit the changing times. In order to keep up with today’s online world, Halstead’s winning approach has gone digital.

“Technology has changed the real estate business radically over the years,” says Diane M. Ramirez, president of Halstead Property, LLC. “Today, 80% of homebuyers start their searches online. This has brought about radical change that has been good for the consumers and good for the company.” In order to keep up with the ever-changing technological world, Halstead recently revamped their website, rolling out a new design that exerts enhanced user experience through the use of the most recent technology.

 Our main goal was to make our website fluid and easy to navigate – while providing our clients with real tools and resources.

The result of their efforts in technological upgrades is a very successful extension of their service abilities through very well crafted user experience. The new website provides instantaneous “live” information, as the listings are updated every six seconds, keeping both realtors and customers up to date with the latest market offerings. Users can browse over 25,000 luxury listings with a 180° mobility device that allows the user to move seamlessly through an apartment, observe intricate details such as window and closet placement, and get an overall feel for the apartment. The site even features a “Room Painter,” which allows clients to look at listings and change the color of the walls! Furthermore, the website contains Halstead’s distinguished market reports, which educate the public on past and present housing market trends for neighborhoods throughout New York City.

After Halstead rolled out the revamped website, the tech world took notice. The Web Marketing Association awarded Halstead for Outstanding Achievement in Website Development, and the “Best of Citysearch” named the website a Best of 2007 Audience winner. It is the second year in a row “Best of Citysearch” recognized Halstead for outstanding service. Diane M. Ramirez, president of Halstead Property, is proud of their achievements, and rightfully so. “We’ve received tremendous accolades for our website. Our main goal was to make our website fluid and easy to navigate – while providing our clients with real tools and resources. These accolades show that our website is definitely working!” she says.

Just as Halstead was the first company to take real estate out of office buildings and into boutique retail storefronts, they once again become pioneers as the first company to turn the persuasive nature of the Internet into a brilliant service tool for customers.