Cult Hungarian Spa Popping Up at The Miami Beach Edition

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We had you at “cult,” right? The line is Omorovicza, a beloved Hungarian skin care line that uses ingredients from the mineral-rich springs of Budapest. The date is Thursday October 20 through the 22nd at The Spa at The Miami Beach Edition, so essentially if you blink, you’ll miss it.

Omorovicza products are inspired by the healing powers of Hungary’s famous thermal baths and possess rejuvenating effects from the aforementioned mineral-rich springs. Mineral Cosmetology is the name they are giving their patented system that enables a potent blend of minerals to be absorbed by the skin in unprecedented levels. The products are also made without harmful chemicals like parabens. We know those Eastern European women have great skin. Could this be the secret?

Finding out will certainly be pleasurable enough—and it’s a pretty good deal too. The pop-up spa is offering two different facials—one at 30 minutes for $85 and a 60-minute for $175. The best part is that along with the service, you can take home the equivalent value that you pay in product. So if you go for the hour, you’ll get to take home $175 worth of product. We understand the ploy is to get you to fall in love forever with the brand, but that’s just the kind of thing we’re up for.

The brand has a long and interesting history in the Hungarian capital. In the 1800s the Omorovicza Family built a beautiful spa named  Racz on the site of a medieval healing spring.  We’re not really sure what happened to the spa, but 200 years later, on of the Omorovicza descendants named Stephen took his future wife, Margaret, to the baths his family had built those many years ago in Budapest. The pair, (and in particular the wife) were impressed at the amazing transformation of their skin. So they decided to enlist the help of a Nobel prize-winning laboratory to harness these healing waters to create a new skincare line. The result is Omorovicza.

Gold Hydralifting Mask
Gold Hydralifting Mask

Also, during the pop-up, guests will enjoy a consultation with an Omorovicza ambassador in a dedicated lounge where guests may also enjoy light refreshments.

The Spa at the Edition
The Spa at the Edition
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