Five Steps To The Hautest NYC Date Night Ever

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Living in New York City, we’ve pretty much seen it all and very few things amaze us anymore, but love shouldn’t be one of them, love should always blow us away. This weekend, surprise your long time lover – or new found crush – with the most luxurious Manhattan date night. With flowers, stretch limos, champagne, broadway and the finest steak, we’ve got you covered when it comes to wooing in style. Just 1k and a whole lot of charm is sure to guarantee the most romantic night of your dreams and bring up the sparkle in your love life.

1 Flowers & A Note

With Roseur's gorgeous floral arrangements, it is very unlikely that someone will say no to a date, so this is a good start. Send a beautiful bouquet of blooming light pink roses wrapped inside Roseur's elongated pastel-colored boxes and include a note, inviting your lover for a perfect night out.

2 A Haute Ride

We all agree limos are can be a little bit much and maybe should only be used in Vegas weddings, but that's what make this great. Realistically, living in NYC and getting picked up by a hottie in a luxury limo is the ultimate dream. Unless you are planning a proposal, we suggest a black limo. Take your lover on a romantic spin around the city and pop open the bubbly!

3 The Best Bubbly

Champagne is always a must on perfect dates, and Krug is always a must when planning a haute night of pure luxury. Krug's Grande Cuvée is a perfect blend of savoir fare, made with more than 120 aged wines from different years, it is ages six years in the cellars, amounting to a total of at least 20 years per bottle. Your lover will love the rare treat. Cheers!

4 A Night At The Opera

Nothing like a good passionate opera night to bring music into your love life. An elegant and timeless classic activity, going to the opera is like traveling back to the time when gentlemen wore tuxes and ladies strived to maintain a perfect pearly complexion. We are not from that era, but it sure sounds romantic.

5 Feast at Rocco Steakhouse

The juiciest stake you will ever try, the rib eye at Rocco is a once in a lifetime treat. With extremely large portions cooked at a perfect temperature and offered with sides of vegetables or house potatoes, the fine food served at this New York classic is perfection. The ultimate date spot, especially after champagne and a show, Rocco Steakhouse offers much more than just incredible steak, their seafood options are just as grand, so if your lover is not much of a red meat person, we recommend the tuna – it is glorious.
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