Beach Beauty Pro Tips: Hair and Skin


Hitting the beach? Here are haute pro tips on how to contour using just the sun’s rays and more!

Sun Contouring

When you are in the sun, take this as an opportunity to get a natural contour. Using a higher SPF under your eye, onto your cheek and out and up (Where you would put concealer and highlighter, avoiding areas you’d put bronzer) use an SPF 50. Also put your SPF 50 on the very top of your forehead. Everywhere else use an SPF 30. After a few days in the sun your cheeks will look more full, and your contour will look deeper. This allows for a very little amount of makeup, and the same result as wearing concealer, bronzer, and blush.

The best sunscreens are non-comedogenic, and oil free.
We like La Roche-Posay 

Sunless Contour Sans Makeup

Use a self-tanner that is non-comedogenic and apply it on the top/middle of forehead, down to temples, skip the lateral cheekbone and place it underneath where you would apply bronzer. Sweep it down then onto the jawline and neck. The bottom part of your nose, as well as your chin to give the appearance of a smaller, more youthful and defined face.

The best self-tanners are non-comedogenic and oil free.
We like Caudalie Soliel Divin 

article-2442276-1852259900000578-399_634x627Protect The Locks

As for your hair, when you are in the sun or in the pool there is a lot of heat damage and chemical damage happening. In order to prevent your hair from dying out, or if you’re blond, turning green. Here are some recommended products and how to use them:

Kerastase Soliel Gelee Aqua-Proof
This is a wet look protective care gel that protects hair from UV rays, salt water and chlorinated water. It gives a long lasting shiny, wet effect which looks very sexy, and keeps your hair safe!

Kerastase Soliel Aqua-Seal
This is a highly protective fluid-cream which is waterproof and for sensitive hair. This seals the hair with a veil, so to speak, which protects against UV rays and chemically treated water. It also makes your hairy shiny, and silky. Win Win!

Nuxe Sun
A nourishing milky oil for hair and scalp. It protects your hair and hair color and can be used on wet or dry hair, before or during sun exposure.

Shimmer Lights
This is a cheap, and necessary product for blondes. It’s recommended to use a very nourishing conditioner after using, as it tends to leave hair a bit dry. If you are blond, do not go anywhere near a pool without this on hand.

Pro Tips:

To lighten your hair, add a white beer and brush through. Your hair will lighten quickly, without being dry and sticky like when using a lemon.

Make sure you keep your hands, knees, chest, and tops of your feet lathered with sunscreen. While anti-aging methods have come a long way for the face, these areas are still keen to give away your age. Lather SPF 50 on every hour, and have fun