Shape Up! Best Workouts to Get Into Quick Summer Shape

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Summer is just around the corner, and whether you’ve been schlepping around in the San Francisco fog, or living it up in the Silicon Valley Sun, there’s no time like now to get in shape for summer.  Here is our haute list of the best workouts in San Francisco.

1 Barry's Bootcamp

For years, the LA-based Barry's Bootcamp has been revered by celebrities, professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and first-time fitness users alike. Finally, Barry brings his famous high-energy, cardio and strength training interval group fitness workouts to San Francisco. This newcomer to the Bay Area Block now has a flagship location in SoMa, just steps away from AT&T ballpark. There's nothing like waking up to a hardcore workout at Barry's, where results are just around the corner.
236 King St San Francisco, CA 94107 (844) 227-7972

2 Gyrotonic at A Body of Work

Don't be intimidated by the Gyrotonic machines; instead, challenge yourself to “swim in air” with the Gyrotonic Expansion System at A Body of Work (ABOW). This is an innovative new exercise system that perfectly complements Pilates, Functional Fitness, Yoga and other styles of training. ABOW, located in the heart of the Presidio, is a “one-stop shop” for mind and body health. It's become San Francisco’s premiere health studio for one principle reason: They listen to clients’ needs and achieve real results.
569 Ruger Street San Francisco, CA 94129 415-561-3991

3 Tabata Training at Sports Club LA

For those who have little time and need maximum results, you must try Tabata! This high-intensity training class is proven to maximize results and minimize your time in class. 20 seconds of full-out effort followed by 10 seconds of recovery is repeated 8 times per 4-minute set – a formula proven to maximize fat-burning, increase athletic performance and cardiovascular capacity. Located inside of San Francisco's Four Seasons Hotel, the Sports Club LA is, without a doubt, the city's premiere all-purpose health club. Amenities include state of the art equipment, a junior Olympic swimming pool, a spa and a large, luxurious locker room. Perfect luxuries to follow your Tabata workout.
747 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94103 415-633-3900

4 Bay Club SF Tennis

Tennis is one of the few workouts that feels like it's not a real work-out. But any tennis player - amateur or professional - will tell you that rallying a couple of days a week will bring phenomenal results, fast! Not to mention that you might make a new friend (or two) along the way. And there's no better place to enjoy a rally (or full-on match) than the Bay Club San Francisco. This prestigious health club is rounded out by rooftop tennis, a bar and dining, fitness facilities, yoga and a world class spa. The Bay Club SF Tennis is more than just a tennis club; it is a lifestyle.
645 5th St San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 777-9000

5 Bar Method

Anyone who has tried Bar Method will tell you that this workout is everything! Models, celebrities and athletes alike have touted Bar Method as one of the most effective workouts to really shape the body. It's an intense, non-stop hour of strengthening, cardio and flexibility. Yes, It's hard as heck; your muscles will shake and burn, no doubt. But get ready to feel amazing and see transformational results when you're done.
3333 Fillmore St San Francisco, CA 94123 (415) 441-6333
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