Luxury Attaché’s Top 5 Restaurant Wine Lists

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Whether hankering for a deep, velvety Italian red, or an effervescent Germanic white, look no further than any one of Luxury Attaché’s top picks for that perfect pour.

1 Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park epitomizes fine dining, and, unsurprisingly, their robust wine list raises the bar even higher. With expansive international representation and the inclusion of producers large and small from around the globe, a list this well-rounded would be reason enough to knock everyone else out of the park. But, they didn’t stop there. Taking this list one step further is the impeccable array of Germanic wines, including the beloved but oft-overlooked Riesling. Expect to be amazed for there’s something to be said for taking a chance on that rare bottle of a never-before seen wine from a little known region--because, let’s face it, it’s sure to be spectacular.
11 Madison Avenue at 24th Street

2 Gramercy Tavern

In a long standing, near-perfect example of why one shouldn’t fix what’s not broken, Danny Meyer’s culinary institution continues to impress. Wine director Juliette Pope strives both to maintain as well as build upon a list that has yet to relinquish its continual chart topping dominance. Presenting a stellar collection that covers an inspiring array of varietals and regions, and represents everyone from small, new wave producers to the biggest, and most expensive, names in the biz, Pope’s success is evident. Whether one is opting for a surprisingly affordable effervescent Cab Franc, or boldly chooses to indulge in an unconventional bottle of wine fermented in ancient clay amphorae, the resulting sip is spot on.
42 East 20th Street at Park Avenue

3 Daniel

Thanks in part to wine director Daniel Johnnes’ Burgundy-leaning background, no other list offers such a stunning and well-rounded exposition of wines from the region. Sure, one can expect a rich list of French wines at Daniel Boulud’s iconic NYC restaurant, but for this aspect alone, the list defies expectations. Sitting alongside these rarities is an impressive Bordeaux selection, a surprising array of classic California Cabernet and lest we forget the large selection of German Rieslings, insisted upon by Daniel’s head sommelier, Raj Vaidya. It’s a splurge to be sure, but with a list like this, it’s one well worth taking.
60 East 65th Street at Park Avenue

4 Babbo

Beating out many contenders for the best Italian representation on the books, Babbo takes the cake; which, being that Mario Batali prides himself on consistently serving up the best of the best, should come as no surprise. The strength of Babbo’s list truly shines in its depth and breadth of bottle representation, a striking balance rarely found these days. Here, selecting a wine is like taking a virtual tour through the vineyards peppering the Italian region, with whites from Calabria and Sicily, reds from Piedmont and Tuscany, scores of areas in between, and an innumerable array of varietals and producers. The versatility and hyper-curated nature of Babbo’s compilation--despite its largess--makes it a standout winner for wine aficionados and novice palates alike.
110 Waverly Place at Sixth Avenue

5 Casa Mono

The unstoppable Batali-Bastianich team continues to pack them in at this intimate, utterly authentic Spanish gem. With its impressive heft and the intriguing nature of many of the relatively unknown or out of the box selections from the region, Casa Mono’s wine list never fails to impress even the most well-versed wine-o. Extra attention paid to a scintillating selection of sherry, with specialty bottles drawing crowds all on their own, ups the ante, as do rare vintage Riojas, Ribeiros (the king of Spanish whites made from a five grape blend), and the staff’s spot-on course pairing recommendations.
52 Irving Place at 17th Street
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