Bang & Olufsen Introduce BeoSound 5 Encore The Luxury Media Hub

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Savvy Electronic store Band & Olufsen has just brought out newest creation of a hub—called the BeoSound 5 Encore. The fancy device works similar to a networked media consul and is priced much less than the first generation, which was introduced back in 2009—know for it’s capability to stream on Internet radio and featured a hard drive.

The new edition that came out came out yesterday avoids the hard drive, whole opting for connectivity with a wide-stream of external devices. BeoSound 5 Encore plays out like a core in combining all your home media gadgets, everything from music from local networks, iPhones, iPods, USB’s drives, NSA, as well as a few other external hard drives.

The hub also connects to many other Apple media devices via AirPlay—radio streaming is the primary focus, one that offers a high range of selection to provide some of the optimal experience. The dazzling 10.4-inche color LCD is pretty radical, a cylinder-shaped stand that features a large aluminum control wheel where users spin through albums, songs, artist, all of which display cover art on the screen.

Fans of the hum can install up to 8 all around the home to be able to stream different music concurrently from the same network, though the consul does come with a nifty price tag of $3,350 each, the BeoSound 5 Encore is well worth the bucks!


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