REBEL, NewCrusies Lastest Super Yacht Make It Into Waters

Have a strong admiration towards fast things that like to float, well prepare yourself yacht fanatics, because there is a superyacht that will blow your socks right off into the ocean. The vessel, constructed by NewCruise is a newbie with some serious power. The tough translation vacationer engine that’s pays tribute to the all time classic commuter yacht of the 40’s and 50’ has been remade to fit the needs of the “Blue-Water” yachting personal. REBEL is quick and fun weekender yacht that includes comfort and style to the lux world of superyachts.

The vessel’s tank includes a certified hydrodynamic optimized twin or optional triple-MTU/ water-jet powered motor—Rebel’s exterior includes all the aspects to allow the ship to get to smooth through costal regions in quicker the time, while coming close to beaches and island shorelines. This sweet swimmer is fully detailed inside and out with advanced carbon fiber created to maintain a solid, yet lightweight “Alu-Star” alloy assemblies look.

The sleek modernized condo style décor features pleasant and calm shades, some of which come from NewCruise and catches people by surprise with a dab of some 50’s vintage silhouettes that takes us down memory land, giving it that oh-la-la Hollywood swing to it.

Blueprints of the sleek commuter superyacht—Rebel, made by NewCruise is loaded with some of the fanciest and trendy amenities, the main pool deck takes up a large portion, while providing both a dinning, sun bathing area, and sexy lounge. Rebel is surrounded by glass doors and embraces the whole idea of having a deck that indoor and outdoor option. The sweetest part of the glass creation is the glass siding doors that lead to the bulwark, which then moves out on the from the Rebel, turning it into a floating balcony.

Inside—the main deck is a state-of-the-art stateroom that overlooks the ocean as well as the outside portion of the yacht, surrounded by glossy siding doors, which open up to large terraces, this ship comes packed with a total of 3 guest cabins (of which provide enormous bathrooms that include a shower and tub), are all centered on the lower deck.

The lower deck provides a spacious and layback feel to it, prefect for the one that likes to be out at sea, while still feeling like your in your own home. Extra features—are those of a Jacuzzi, calming zones, lavish bathing spots, bars, and even a sky lounge that comes with it’s own bar ad gaming areas.

Indeed this is a serious water playmate that will make anyone feel like they are on a floating condo; Rebel is a lifestyle, which gives the boating sport a new twist for something fun and adventurous. Its breathtaking views will leave you in utter shock while out on sea somewhere in Tahiti or the French Riviera.