Hautos: New 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster and Coupe

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Mercedes-Benz and AMG have joined forces to begin the creation of the new 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster and Coupe. The duo are working hard at the Mercedes Technology Center in Sindelfingen, tuning each car to perfection. The convertible SLS AMG Roadster and Coupe are the second and third car to be independently developed by AMG. During the three-year period when both cars were going through the developing stages, engineers focused mainly on body shell firmness, driving dynamics, soft-top and NVH. Currently undergoing assessment in Stuttgary, the luxury vehicles are easily recognized by their long hood, large wheels, and breathtaking design.

The AMG Roadster has extreme emphasis on weight distribution, engine position, center of gravity, and sleek design. It’s advanced technological simulation programs have helped engineers to better understand how to perfect its aerodynamics and crash behavior. All of these advancements are closely speculated to be the best of its kind and to introduce the world to a new dimension of the luxury automobile industry. The SLS AMG Coupe is lightweight and has an extremely rigid aluminum space frame. The side skirts were designed more robustly to enhance the crash performance and improve driving. The Coupe has reached a superior rating, demonstrating true quality of the overall vehicle during its testing.

Both the Coupe and Roadster have been called “super sports cars” boasting additional support from the windshield frame and center tunnel, which prevents unwanted vibrations while driving. With the Roadster’s body shell weighing 536 pounds, the Coupe’s body shell is a cool 531 pounds. Although all of the tests have been conducted and passed, the developers still haven’t achieved their goal. They decided to turn their focus to simulating an entire vehicle life under the toughest conditions in test cycles. With still six months to go before the world premiere at the Automobile Show in Frankfurt, Germany, both cars are speculated to be the best of its kind and to introduce the world to a new dimension of the luxury automobile industry.

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