Lose the Spare Tire: The Top 5 Workouts in Boston

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How many people do you know that say they’re going to the gym only to find themselves walking aimlessly around the space not sure where to start, what to lift or how to lift it. You know having a workout routine set for you can make all the difference to make sure all your time spent on fitness is well utilized.  After all, your time is precious, why waste it waiting for your turn on the next machine?  Luckily, Haute Living has put together for you the top 5 workouts in Boston to get your backside in gear (hopefully the rest of your body will follow).

1 Squash at Cambridge Athletic Club

All the energy and range of motion of tennis, but with the intensity of a small court and deafening thwap of a ball in perpetual motion.  Squash will have you sweating, panting and give you an absolutely intense workout. And the best part is you are so focused on the ball and beating your opponent, you hardly even notice the immense workout you are getting until it is all said and done.  Perfect.

Cambridge Athletic Club is located at 215 First St., Cambridge 617.491.8989

2 Sweat and Soul Yoga

Turn up the heat on your workout. All rooms at Sweat and Soul Yoga are heated to 85 degrees. The practice is meant to help detoxify your body and open up your pores… but you know this means you will sweat you’re a** off. It is the best of yoga  mixed with the heart raising benefits of aerobics. Just make sure you have time to hit the showers after your session if you have a hot date lined up after words.  A detox session can be less than flattering to one's sense of smell.

Sweat and Soul Yoga is located at 1032A Commonwealth Ave., near BU, Boston [email protected]

3 Body Electric at The Brookline Ballet School

If a sculpted physique is more your style than the typical bulk and brawn, who better to show you how to achieve the look you seek than an instructor at a ballet school.  At 64, instructor Margaret Richard, host of Body Electric on PBS, will inspire you with her focus, concentration, spirit and most of all with how damn good she looks!. Her class is a popular one, and for good reason.  Gentle on the joints and focused on muscle tone development, results are easy to achieve with the proper dedication.

The Brookline Ballet School is located at 1431 Beacon St., Coolidge Corner, Brookline [email protected]

4 Polegression at Boston Pole Fitness

Most people think you need a good body to work a pole, but it turns out working a pole can give you a good body. So says the ladies of Boston Pole Fitness.  They have the finesse to show you how to work-out on the pole with their self created Polegression Workout. Gain greater muscle strength, while being taught the choreography, flow and sex appeal of a true pole master.

Boston Pole Fitness is located inside Gold’s Gym at 71 Lansdowne St., Fenway, Boston 617.963.0315

5 Zumba at Life in Synergy Studios

Breathe a little Latin life into your workout routine with Zumba.  Move to the sweet sounds of Latin Music.  This calss is great for beginners and fitness junkies alike – so long as you are prepared to move to the beat.  It is a greta way to let loose and have some fun.  Release your stress without the serious posture of yoga. Afterall, us city folks don’t sit still do well, now do we?

Life in Synergy Studios is located at 867 Boylston St., 2nd Floor Back Bay, Boston 617.867.5600

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