Crocodile Bar Offers Picklebacking Menu

I admit it. When I first heard the term picklebacking, all sorts of sorted, random things popped into my head. So I’ll give you all a few moments to do the same and get it out of your system….

OK. Now know that unless you have been frequenting New York City bars and come across the real thing, none of your initial thoughts were right. Picklebacking is one of the newest trends on the mixology scene, although the recipe, rumored to have originated in Russia, is as simple as it gets. Take a shot of your favorite poison, then chase it with a shot of salty pickle juice. Certainly covers the flavor more than a beer, I’d think.

Crocodile Bar, one of Old City’s newest hot spots, hopped on the trend and is now offering the city’s first and only pickleback menu. There’s the classic, if you will, of a shot of Irish whiskey and standard dill brine. But then they get a little more adventurous … in the names as well as the ingredients. The Moustashe Ride is a shot of Irish whiskey followed by a blend of banana, cherry and jalapeno pepper juice. And Da Two Yoots pairs pepperoni-infused vodka chased with a shot of cherry pepper pickle juice.

If you prefer to pass up the barstools for the lounge upstairs, you can still take a taste of this trend: Crocodile Bar’s bottle-service menu features a Jameson Pickback option, which includes a bottle of the whiskey and a bottle of authentic McSorely’s Brine.

Interesting, yes. Intriguing, certainly. And remember, this is the place that hands out free pizza with every drink purchase, so if you decide you’re not a fan, you can chase your chaser with melted cheese.

Crocodile Bar is located at 110 Chestnut St., 267.687.1450,