Good to Give: The Top 5 Charities in Orange County

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You’ll be giving thanks tonight, but if you want to keep giving after the season’s through and the decorations are down, choose any of these top 5 charities. Whether you want to work with kids, join the fight against cancer or support the arts here in Orange County, there are so many to choose from — and they’re all great — that you might just find yourself double dipping.

1 Guilds of OCPAC

Whether you're into opera, broadway or cabaret, the Orange County Performing Arts Center has it all. To keep it coming and to host some of the county's greatest premiers and events, the center depends on its Guilds. Join one based on interest (we recommend any -- they're all great and giving), geography or age. It doesn't matter because no matter what you're into, everyone enjoys a good show.

2 CHOC Guilds

CHOC is one of the biggest children's hospitals in the country, if not the entire world, so you can be sure they're looking for as much support as possible. Joining any of the Guilds at the childrens' hospital is one way you can make sure they have the best of the best in their world famous neurological center or the cancer research center.

3 Orangewood Children's Foundation

The Orangewood Children's Home is a safe haven for the abused and misplaced here in OC, so make sure they can keep helping the kids and moms that need it by joining their cause. Whether it's foster youth or children of abuse, the home has programs offering emergency assistance, job placement, housing, counseling, scholarships for college or vocational training and more, giving hope and the promise of success. The Foundation continues to assist the home through peer mentoring and fundraisers.

4 Beckstrand Cancer Foundation

Since 1974, the Becsktrand Cancer Foundation has been on the cutting edge of technology and treatment for cancer. Established by one of the leading oncologists of the area, the foundation continues to work with families affected by cancer today. With branches for adults and youth, the Beckstrand Foundation is a prime example of starting the cycle of giving early.

5 The Orange County Rescue Mission

Especially during the holidays, the hungry and displaced need more than ever. With food drives, homeless shelters and more, the Orange County Rescue Mission works to give those struggling with displacement and homelessness a safe haven. With a year-long food drive, community outreach and guidance for the community, they work year-round to give to those who need it most.

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