Chinese Brunch: The Top 5 Dim Sum Restaurants in San Diego

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Dim Sum refers to the traditonal mid-day meal in Southern China, and in this country we like to call it brunch! So when you’re out and about looking for brunch options, let’s talk about our Top 5 list of restaurants that really know their dim sum in San Diego!

1 Jasmine Seafood Restaurant

Serving authentic Hong Kong cuisine, and offering over fifty mini-dishes to choose from their dim sum menu, Jasmine Seafood Restaurant is a popular spot for those in the know in San Diego. Hand-picking incredibly fresh and tasty seafood options, as well as a varied menu specializing in all things legitimately Chinese cuisine based, Jasmine is one of our top picks.

4609 Convoy St

San Diego, CA 92111

2 Emerald Chinese Seafood Restaurant

You can't mention Jasmine without mentioning Emerald, as the two most popular dim sum spots in SD, these two are kind of a pair when speaking. Both located on Convoy Street, Emerald offers up a great selection of small, medium, and large plated dim sum options. Their Pearl Shrimp Balls are delicious, as are their dessert options, such as the Baked Sweet Cream Bun. If you're looking for real dim sum, this is a place to visit.

3709 Convoy Street, Suite 101
San Diego, CA 92111

3 China Max

Well, if we're mentioning the amazing Dim Sum down Convoy Street, we cannot leave China MAx off the list. Specializing in Cantonese dishes with some Western influence, China Max has a dim sum menu to rival that of the other hot spots on Convoy. Offering up platters of choices for your midday meal, China Max has arguably some of the freshest ingredients and a definitely unique style to their traidtional menu.

4698 Convoy Street

San Diego, CA 92111

4 Pearl Chinese Cuisine

A favorite among dim sum enthusiasts, Pearl in Rancho Bernardo is a popular spot, known for their wide selection of traditional Chinese dishes available on their dim sum menu. Their method of steam carts rolling dishes to your table is both quick and rational for serving up lots of tastes and styles. With lots of seating and a nice, open atmosphere, Pearl offers up a great spot for authentic dim sum.

11666 Avena Pl
San Diego, CA 92128

5 Lucky Star Seafood Restaurant

What do you do when it's past normal dim sum hour, but you're craving it? You head over to Lucky Star where they serve dim sum all day! With an all-white interior giving it an austerely clean feel, you can bet that your getting real dim sum choices from people that know how to make it right. It's also not your typical Chinese restaurant, in the sense that there is a large dance floor that is opened up in the evenings, and can even be used for big events like weddings! While it might have a few eccentricites about it, Lucky Star serves up a mean shrimp shumai and an even meaner egg tart!

3893 54th St
San Diego, CA 92105

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