Smoke Rings: The Top 5 Cigar Bars in Las Vegas

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The patio at Casa Fuente

1 Casa Fuente

I could write an entire piece just about Casa Fuente. This gem inside the Forum Shops at Caesars carries a halo of smoke around this indoor haven of cigars. Casa Fuente sells the status cigar brands of Arturo Fuente, made in the Dominican Republic and known for handcrafting some of the finest and most sought-after premium cigars in America. Smoke these babies inside at the natural wood bar with the Fuente family overlooking it mural style or on the patio with woven wood chairs and marble tables right in the midst of the foot traffic of the mall. On a Friday afternoon, you can watch Pete Rose sign autographs next door at Field of Dreams. Cigars are priced from $8 to $150. Look for A. Fuente, Fuente Fuente Opus X, Ashton, Diamond Crown, Cuesta Rey and Montesino brand cigars. And if you’re having a problem figuring out which cigar to choose, turn to Rathna Singh, the Embajadora de la Casa. She can help you pick out the perfect cigar to go along with an aged scotch or a mojito.
Forum Shops at Caesars

2 Rhumbar

What goes with cigars better than scotch? Hemingway would say rum, another product to defect from Cuba and make its way to America. And at Rhumbar at the Mirage, you can get both. Out on the patio, get your fill of both as the volcano erupts out front. Sample a Rhumbar mojito or 1944 Mai Tai while smoking at the closest thing you’ll get to Havana from the owners of Casa Fuente.

3 Andre’s Restaurant & Lounge

Sneak into the private Cigar Lounge at Andre’s Restaurant & Lounge at Monte Carlo and you’ll feel like you stepped back in time to an era of old boys' clubs. Sip on one of the widest selections of Cognacs, Armagnacs and after-dinner drinks in North America with a selection of cigars from the Dominican Republic and Honduras. You can even have your cigar and Cognac professionally paired, or go for the cigar experience with a Monte Cristo Platinum Vintage 1999 Rothschild paired with Daniel Bouju XO Grand Champagne Cognac or Samalens Vielle Refique 20-year Armagnac.
Monte Carlo


Tucked away on a side street in downtown Vegas sits Sidebar, that offshoot of Triple George Grill with a masterful martini list and an extensive selection of cigars. Look for inexpensive selections such as A. Fuente and Hoyo de Monterrey cozying up to higher-end options such as Macanudo and La Aurora Preferidos.
201 N. Third St.

5 Las Vegas Cuban Cigar Factory

You want a Cuban? Well, this is probably the closest you’ll get to one without leaving the country or paying a hefty sum for pre-embargo Cubans. For the past 15 years, Nelson Ventura has been rolling cigars in Vegas, with another 20 years under his belt before that.
109 N. Fourth St.
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