Smoke Rings: Top 5 Cigar Bars in Atlanta

When I think of cigars, my mind envisions a chilly autumn evening full of wine, jazz, leather sofas and select tapas options. There is something about partaking in the warmth of a cigar that screams sophistication and totally high-brow. With the influx of cigar bars in Atlanta, it seems that casual patrons as well as seasoned veterans are all about the aromatic lounges with various choices for their favorite stogie. From bars to lounges, here are the finest cigar bars Atlanta has to offer.

Highland Cigar Co.
Arguably the most popular cigar spot in Atlanta, Highland Cigar Co. has upped the ante with luxury, coziness and a state-of-the-art ventilation system to ensure that the smoke never gets too overpowering. Located in Inman Park’s Old Fourth Ward, it boasts soft lighting, deep mahogany furnishings and rentable humidor lockers for an element of privacy. Flat screen TVs are also visible from virtually any sitting area providing constant entertainment. If you stop in for an afternoon business meeting or a late-night chill session, be prepared for a welcoming level of refinement and relaxation. Before you go, be sure to swing over to the customized cigar store and take some goodies for the road.

Highland Cigar Co. is located at 245 N. Highland Ave., Suite 140., 404.477.2415.

Buckhead Cigar Lounge
Dantanna’s is already an exceptional restaurant with much to offer, but the prized gem is what’s lurking inside: in the form of the Buckhead Cigar Lounge. If you aspire to eat, drink, smoke and watch your favorite game, you’ve come to the right place. After indulging in superior surf n’ turf, head to the secluded area of this customized lounge and sate your palate with some of the world’s finest cigars complete with an expanded scotch menu and meals planned specifically around your tobacco choices. With so many things to do I suggest you stay awhile and soak it all in.

Buckhead Cigar Lounge is located at 3400 Around Lenox Dr., Suite 304., 404.760.8873.

Churchill Grounds
Perhaps the most entertainment-filled spot on the list is also a highly respected jazz club in addition to an attraction for cigar lovers. Live music and concerts are available practically every night of the week featuring some of Atlanta’s biggest talents. While enjoying the smooth sounds, pull up a chair, order a drink and wrap your lips around a full robust cigar. Food and an extensive bar menu are there to make the Churchill Grounds experience a truly fulfilling one. The selling point however is the prime location right next to the Fox Theatre. After a show, wind down your night at this intimate Atlanta spot.

Churchill Grounds is located at 660 Peachtree St. NE, 404.876.3030.

The name suggests a bygone era of class and exclusivity, which is exactly what this Buckhead bar is going for. If you thought secret clubs were a thing of the past, think again. The interesting and fun thing about Prohibition is that you need a special password to get in…seriously. A classic rotary phone awaits you outside with designated instructions to gain entry. Once inside, there is a feeling of the ghost of The Great Gatsby lurking around. Old world charm meets modern hipster. Top shelf spirit selections and Charlie Chaplin movies displayed on plasma screens are the perfect companion to fireplaces and couches strategically placed so that you cigar experience is memorable. Everything old is new again and Prohibition is ahead of the curve.

Prohibition is located at 56 E. Andrews Dr. NW, 678.244.3612.

Old Havana Cigar Co.
Sticking firmly with tradition, this is the place for stogie veterans who are more interested in quality over atmosphere. Beer, wine and NFL championships are what you will find. But it makes our list because it has the best cigar store in Atlanta. Whatever brand or type you like, don’t hesitate to stop in and order your favorites. Old Havana Cigar Co’s down-home feeling, food and fun will keep you coming back as often as possible. The trip a little outside the city limits is worth it.

Old Havana Cigar Co. is located Main St. Commons, 602 E. Main St., 770.382.7942.