Roll with It: The Haute 5 Spicy Tuna Rolls in New York City

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Make sure to get your healthy dose of Vitamin B and minerals with these seriously haute Spicy Tuna Rolls.

1 Nobu

Enjoy the ultimate bliss of a Spicy Bigeye Tuna Roll in the atmosphere of a beautiful Japanese countryside thanks to Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and all-star architect David Rockwell. Awarded three stars by the New York Times and one Michelin, rest assured this tuna roll has undergone the taste tests of some seriously discriminating palates.

105 Hudson Street

New York, NY


2 Morimoto

Who wouldn't want an Iron Chef Spicy Tuna Roll that quenches the craving of Roger Federer or Kim Clijsters? Enjoy one of a kind delicacy at Morimoto.

88 10th Avenue

New York, NY


3 Chado

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to do a press tasting at this 36th street hotspot. Check out haute notes here. Chado is a comfortable space with a palate pleasing spicy tuna roll, the kind that makes your nose tingle. Layers of flavors and delightful delicate rice. You won't be disappointed. Order a house sake to compliment the roll.

4 East 36th Street

New York, NY


4 Bond Street

Enjoy Bond Street's spicy tuna roll in the ideal ambiance for date night. Subdued lighting, relaxing music and low seating make this a truly enjoyable experience. Bond Street's spicy tuna roll is unique because the sauce is not in the roll but served on the side as a dipping sauce. It's a fun and enjoyable treat!

6 Bond Street

New York, NY


5 Tomoe

Though the wait may be perilously long, it is well worth it. Wallet friendly, fresh and low-key, Tomoe is the perfect fix for a Spicy Tuna Roll craving. The portion is generous, it's served near room temperature so the true flavors come through and it's fast. Reservations are not accepted and prepare for AMEX or cash only.

172 Thompson St

New York, NY


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