Kid Stuff: Tot Tastes Win at Wayne’s New PBandU

While great wine and Kobe beef are what I usually look for in a menu, there’s no denying the simple, youthful appeal of the items offered at Wayne’s newest dining room, PBandU.

True to its name, every item is based in peanut butter. Crunchy or smooth, whatever masterpiece you smeared over Wonder bread as a kid has come back, and then some.

Owner Mercury Amodio left her New York-based career in music to move back to her hometown and try something new. What developed was PBandU, a homage to her favorite childhood food.

The menu reads like a classy elementary school cafeteria list, obviously catering to kids, teens and those with nostalgic tastebuds. There’s the basic PB & J and that magical, mystery substance called Fluff, but also a few more perhaps grown-up options, like the PB and bacon, cheddar and pickle. Those who can’t choose can get their selections miniaturized in slider form. Those with a hefty appetite can grab the aptly named College Pack: four PB & Js for a student-friendly $10.

If the sandwiches seem too ordinary, perhaps the pizzas will tempt you. Available as a full pie or by the slice, the nutty goo serves as sauce and can be topped with anything from M&Ms to potato chips. Or there’s the fondue, which takes the above components and melts them down for dipping with celery sticks and pretzels.

Gourmet it is not, but this quirky concept might be the perfect way to have a family dinner out where the only cries are for more. Even if they’re from your husband.

PBandU is located at 163 East Lancaster Ave., Wayne, 484.367.7799,