Sun, Salt, And Chlorine: Dive Into Hair-Saving Tips For The Summer Ahead

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Sun protection isn't just important for your skin—it's crucial for your hair too! Just like we use sunscreen to shield ourselves from harmful UV rays that can harm our skin, our hair is also vulnerable to damage from those rays. UV light has the power to dry out our precious locks, weaken them, and even cause a fade in their beautiful color.

To understand this better, think of fruit with its protective layer of skin. Similarly, our hair has a cuticle that acts as its shield. If that outer layer of the fruit is damaged, it compromises the fruit's integrity from the inside. Likewise, constant exposure or damage to our hair can lead to loss of moisture and fading color. And guess what? Even virgin hair, which has never been chemically treated or colored, isn't exempt from the sun's wrath. Salt, sun, and chlorine can still wreak havoc, leaving our hair with a rough cuticle and a dull appearance that just won't let it reflect light and shine as it deserves. Here Haute Beauty expert Jamie Caruso of Salon Lusso in Naples talks tips for healthy, shiny hair.

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Hair-Saving Tips

Think stylish scarves, trendy sunhats, or even a cool baseball cap—accessories that not only elevate your look but also shield your hair from those harmful rays. Of course, we understand that sometimes it's just too hot to cover up or you're itching for a refreshing swim. In those situations, make sure to rinse and wet your hair before and after taking a dip.

Here's a pro tip: wet your hair with fresh water first and then apply conditioner or oil. When your hair is already saturated, it can only absorb so much more water, giving it an extra layer of defense. Oh, and this advice goes double for those of you who have had keratin or smoothing treatments and want to preserve their fabulous results!

I highly encourage using a clarifying shampoo or detox rinse to bid farewell to chlorine, minerals, metals, and pollutants. These products can help prevent the stripping or fading of color while ensuring your hair stays healthy and luscious. And hey, you might even feel it—the build-up on your hair, that gummy sensation, or that strange film or coating on the cuticle. That's when you know it's time to reach for that clarifying shampoo or detox rinse! Just use it once a week or whenever you feel the need to revive your hair's natural radiance.

Remember, protecting your hair from the sun's rays is just as important as safeguarding your skin. Show your hair some love, embrace the sun in style, and keep your locks looking absolutely radiant!

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