Haute Beauty’s Bold Predictions For The Next Rhode Lip Peptide Flavor

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rhode

With summer just shy of two months away, Rhode Skin by Hailey Bieber is getting customers ready for the sunshine with a brand new lip peptide flavor!

Last week, Hailey Bieber took to Instagram to announce "a new flavor is coming next month but for now you can grab our salted caramel, watermelon, unscented, and lip trio now back in stock on rhodeskin.com." While the specific flavor remains a mystery, Rhode currently has three peptide lip flavors: watermelon slice, salted caramel, and unscented.

Rhode is a skincare brand, founded by Hailey Rhode Bieber – a model and living young Beliebers’ dream. The company aims to create products for a variety of skin types and uses highly curated ingredients, to do so. Along with using clean products, Rhode also places great emphasis on the importance of a smaller footprint – truly exhibiting their value of eco and customer friendliness.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rhode

With Rhode peptide lip treatment being a household favorite, we at Haute Beauty can't help but predict the newest lip flavor. We're predicting Rhode will crack open the season with the taste of a milky, fruity, and sweet, coconut flavor.

As a tropical and summery reminder of the sunshine, the coconut is the perfect flavor to celebrate the warmth and relaxation of the season. Plus, coconut's creamy texture will enhance the smooth, plump, and melty sensations that Rhode's lip peptide treatment aims to provide.

We can't wait to see if our predictions come true, as Rhode has announced that the new flavor will be launching next month. In the meantime, customers can still enjoy the existing lip peptide flavors, all of which are back in stock on rhodeskin.com.