The Dark Side Of Ozempic: How A Diabetes Drug Turned Into A Dangerous Weight Loss Tool

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Another year, another phenomenon that gives us false hope for sustainable weight loss. Ozempic, an injectable medication prescribed to treat type 2 diabetes, is making headlines since approved as a weight loss drug for overweight individuals. The controversial drug has been rapidly gaining popularity for its appetite-suppressing side effects. Celebrities and influencers have admitted to using Ozempic off-label to quickly shed excess pounds. Studies have shown that 2.4 mg doses of semaglutide, also known as Ozempic, plus lifestyle changes in obese individuals have resulted in a reduction in body weight. These findings have prompted everyone, not just those obese, to seek treatment. Relying mostly on medication rather than lifestyle changes, It is no surprise that the so-called miracle drug has detrimental side effects.

From Ozempic to Ozempig, The Yo-Yo Effect

Health officials are worried that this glamorized weight loss drug might be causing disordered eating in some people. Many users report initially losing weight but then gaining everything back plus more. Chelsea Handler admitted on Call Her Daddy that she was taking Ozempic but didn’t even know it. Her anti-aging doctor allegedly prescribed her the medication without letting her know, as he does for many others. After taking a few doses she began to feel nauseous and lost her appetite completely. After she realized what was happening, she stopped the medication. Although this is an unusual situation, this makes one wonder what is actually happening.

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Don't Follow Trends, Set Them

Digital healthy companies and doctors have been readily prescribing this medication online making it very accessible while creating shortages for those who actually need it but can’t afford to pay the hefty price tag. It has become a trend and many are relying on these shots to get into shape quickly. Bringing awareness to the consequences right now is key. It is best to avoid intense marketing and social media ploys and really make people aware of what is actually happening. Are doctors prescribing medications without patients' knowledge? While others whose life depends on it can't get access? Steering away from medications in general while trying to implement daily lifestyle changes should be the goal for longevity. The bottom line is if you are not diabetic or obese and need to lose 10 pounds you should not be prescribed this medication.

Risky Business

Serious side effects of the medication include thyroid tumors and cancer. Is it worth it to compromise your health to lose some weight and possibly make yourself rely on a drug that has so many side effects? Although these shots may sound like the perfect remedy to get into shape quickly, there is a better way to achieve sustainable weight loss besides injecting your body with unnecessary chemicals. There are no secrets or shortcuts that can bypass clean eating and a proficient exercise regime. The road to wellness is long and complex. Losing the weight is half the battle while keeping it off for good is the main challenge. Until people address their real health issues and implement a healthy lifestyle their weight will continue to fluctuate. It is best to leave the medication for those whose livelihood depends on it.